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Make your lighting compliment
your mood
Create the perfect atmosphere to accentuate the spirits of your surroundings.
The revolution
start here.
High-level technology, innovation and simplicity. Discover the Domoticaza Smart Plug 16A
Turn your home
At Domoticaza, we are passionate about technology applied to everyday life.
How to use Domoticaza
Lights? Garage doors? Shutters or blinds? Electric or water heating? Tell us, what do you want to control remotely, using your smartphone. We have a simple solution to all your needs.
Remotely control any kind of light
Have a better sleep during the night and a better mood during the day with human centric lighting you improve your circadian rhythm and further promote your health and well-being.
Set timers and automations which improve your comfort and well-being..
Control Your Appliances
Control Your Appliances
Use Domoticaza smart plugs to make your appliances smarter. Automate and control them in many different ways.
Smart irrigation controllers
Smart irrigation controllers
How do you keep your lawn green and healthy while away on holiday?
Heating and ventilation
Heating and ventilation
Take your home temperature and air quality into your hands
The best way to remotely control your motorized shades and windows
TV & Multimedia devices
TV & Multimedia devices
Smarter devices are safer devices

What we do ?

Our easy to install retrofit module just goes behind your switchboard and takes care of it all, gone are the days when you need to get up and walk towards your switchboard to turn off your lights. Not only this, with our smart device you can moderate, schedule and monitor all the appliances in your home all with the help of a user friendly mobile app or by just by saying Okay google! Turn on living room light.
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Control with a single touch

You can power on and off any of the appliances in your home with a single touch on your smartphone.


You can schedule the functioning of various appliances by scheduling timers.

Dual Control

It does not hinder the manual functioning of the appliances. You can have automated as well as manual control simultaneously.


It helps you to control the fan speed, AC temperature along with setting the lights according to your mood.

Our Crew

Med Zammel
Med Zammel Founder
Y. Barketi
Y. Barketi Co-Founder